Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Item placed in San Diego County Fair

Double Vision
I entered this necklace into the Class 60: Wire wrap jewelry, single piece.

I won 3rd Place for this necklace.

The focal pendant is made using two Brecciated Jasper beads and a Black Onyx bead wrapped all together continuously starting with seven wires. The wire wrapped pendant is incorporated into the stringing of the double strand beaded necklace with a hand made chain and clasp at the top.

I included a close up picture of the focal pendant. I hope you like this necklace. The beaded necklace section has been taken apart and remade many times. There is a smaller picture in the slide show pictures at the top right of my blog that shows the necklace a little differently. Same focal, but different in the beaded necklace strands.

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