Saturday, July 18, 2009



Host a jewelry making party, invite friends and learn to make a one of a kind piece using your creativity.

Brides: This party is for you. Host a party for your Bridesmaids as a thank you, and you can all make beautiful jewelry to wear at the wedding. You too!

Birthdays: This can be the most enjoyable birthday ever! You get exactly what you wanted. You made it.

The host receives a one of a kind piece of jewelry that I make during the class just for you!

I have extensive experience in jewelry making, design, teaching and love sharing my craft with others.

If you live in San Diego County, Temecula or Murrieta I will travel to you.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Item placed in San Diego County Fair

Princess Pendant

I entered this pendant into the Class 60: Wire wrapped jewelry, single piece category.

As you can see I won 1st Place with this pendant.

All parts of this pendant is created using sterling silver wire. Nothing is soldered. All is hand weaved.

I created the prong setting to hold the 8 x 10 mm Simulated Alexandrite faceted stone. I hope you will take a closer look at this pendant because the farther shots do not do it justice.

I was very excited when I saw that it won first place. I hope to get to work on some more pendants like this one.

Item placed in San Diego County Fair

Double Vision
I entered this necklace into the Class 60: Wire wrap jewelry, single piece.

I won 3rd Place for this necklace.

The focal pendant is made using two Brecciated Jasper beads and a Black Onyx bead wrapped all together continuously starting with seven wires. The wire wrapped pendant is incorporated into the stringing of the double strand beaded necklace with a hand made chain and clasp at the top.

I included a close up picture of the focal pendant. I hope you like this necklace. The beaded necklace section has been taken apart and remade many times. There is a smaller picture in the slide show pictures at the top right of my blog that shows the necklace a little differently. Same focal, but different in the beaded necklace strands.

Item placed in San Diego County Fair

Mermaid's Treasure - Turquoise Necklace

I entered this necklace into the Class 50: Southwest Jewelry, any method, single item, modern.

I did not win an award for this item, but learned a good lesson from it also. Know the difference between modern and traditional before signing up for a category.

The pieces that this was competing with were out of this world beautiful and very much modern. I have a picture of the side view to see the weaving that holds the turquoise stone in the middle setting. I learned this technique through a tutorial listed on

I have sold this piece while it was being displayed at the fair and had the luck to meet the people who purchased it. I hope they really enjoy it.

Item placed in San Diego County Fair

Viking Knit - Bracelet and Earring Set

I entered this set into the Class 44: Constructed Jewelry, all Metal. Amateur category.

I did not win an award for these, but I did learn something while making them. Don't sign up for a category before you make the item. I entered the category and could not make the bracelet look good with just a clasp on it. The hook closure looked better with a bead on it rather than just pain, so I should have entered a different category because it had beads incorporated.

The bracelet is made using on continuous piece of sterling silver wire. The earrings were cut off from the longer length of the bracelet. The beads are faceted black glass about 12mm. The bracelet measures 9 1/2 inches long. Way to big for me so I made myself a bracelet after I saw how sparkly this one turned out.