Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crown Jewel Necklace

I have been looking at the cover photo of the book Silver Threads: Making Wire Filigree Jewelry by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen. I have been so inspired by this photo that I have made my own necklace. With my necklace I have used wire only. There is no soldering involved in my wire wrap jewelry. I hope you like my version of this eye candy.

Items used to create this Crown Jewel Necklace:
18 x 13 Alexandrite CZ
6 mm Amethyst bicone beads
4 mm Amethyst bicone beads
3 mm Sterling Silver beads
21 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire
21 gauge half hard sterling silver wire
18 gauge half hard half round sterling silver wire
30 gauge half hard sterling silver wire


Janine Stone said...

Wow Karen, that is absolutely breathtaking. Everything is so even, I know only to well how much work that is. But you did an amazing Job Girlfriend!!! But then you do an amazing job on ever one of your Pieces.


. said...

This is really beautiful work Karen! I found you in WWJ and wanted to check out your blog. You do a fine job with this - it's very attractive. Your jewelry is WONDERFUL! Here is my blog too... please visit as you'd like and if I can be of any help with the blog, let me know (but you're doing well it seems). ;)

. said...

I'm such a goober...
here's my blog

Kim said...

Stunning. As was the lovely piece above - this is really a statement piece Karen , good work.

Nancy said...

Karen, just joined your blog! I wanted you to know how proud I am of your Del Mar Fair placings. First and Third Place first time out is not bad! Additionally, the fact that you have been added to the Balboa Park Show is also wonderful. You are the TOPs in San Diego County!

Love ya! Nancy