Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Loren Damewood's Class

I went to Loren's class this past weekend. I had been collecting supplies to create the items that I needed to make my own rings like Loren's. When I heard about his class I was so excited that I
contacted Terri and then Loren to get on the list.

Loren is a great teacher (I am a jewelry teacher also) and very patient with all levels of students. He gives you as much information as you are willing to receive. I arrived early both mornings and Loren was very friendly and willing to explain to me what he was doing and what the class was going to be about. Some of his information is technical so his handouts are really good to read after you have come home and rested.

Loren will stay as long as you need his help and complete the project. He is very friendly during the non teaching times where you can get to know him a little better. You go away feeling like you have made a friend. Terrie Masters of Whaley Studios in San Diego, CA is a very warm person. She makes sure that we were well taken care of. When you leave her you feel like she is a friend. She personally helped me try to locate a cabochon that I was in need of. Terrie really went out of her way for me. Thank you Terrie.

I highly recommend taking a class from Loren.


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Jane Chew said...

The creations are beautiful!